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Upcoming: "Auto-Exposure" | a group show
Opening Friday May 12, 6-8pm

Presented by Open Projects @ ALPHA (artspace)
292 E 3rd St #1B, New York, NY 10009

Within imaging techno lingo, “auto-exposure” refers to a camera mode that automatically sets the appropriate amount of light that hits the film or sensor plane. A second reading of this term would signify an action by the artist that self-reveals an identity or fact previously concealed, unknown or unseen. The exhibition “Auto-Exposure” highlights works by artists that have turned the camera to themselves or their stand-ins, thus using performance as the medium, while their narrative/action is the raw material. The exhibition examines the long-standing conversation and inter-play between performance and the photographic- and moving-image. These works stand in contrast to performance meant for the live audience. The presence of the camera does not only serve the utilitarian role of record-making, but instead its lens is the omnipresent gaze that fuels the performance.

Recent Exhibition: "Façades" | Solo exhibition by Sonya Blesofsky
March 2017